Khusro Bagh

Khusro Bagh is a Jahangiri garden-cum-tomb complex located in the Chowk area of Allahabad. It began as a walled garden complex during Jahangir’s stay in Allahabad as he rebelled against his father, Emperor Akbar. After his reconciliation, though, it was converted into a mausoleum complex for Jahangir’s first wife, Man Bai (d. 1604), also known as Shah Begum, a Hindu Rajput from Amber. The design of the original three-story tomb, the surrounding gardens, and its main entrance (which opens to the Chowk) is attributed to Aqa Reza, Jahangir’s court painter. In fact, an inscription on the main gate dates the construction of this funerary tomb complex to c. 1606-1607 (1012/1013-1013/1014). Apart from the tomb of Shah Begum the complex also houses the tombs of Khusrau Mirza (1622) and Nithar Begum (1624-1625). Another structure known as the Tomb of Bibi Tambolan (1632) is also located within the garden.


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