In Pictures: The Tomb of Khusrau Mirza

Note: All photographs are mine unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Tomb of Khusrau Mirza, c. 1622, Architect Unknown, Patron: Nithar Begum, Exterior: Red Sandstone, Interior: Frescoes in lime plaster and paint.

IMG_6468 - Version 2

Figure 1: Main entrance to the tomb of Khusrau Mirza (view towards the north), which is built on a plinth supporting a single-storey tomb (although it seems to be double-storey). At the top an octagonal dome is surrounded by four chattris.

IMG_5949 - Version 2

Figure 2: The tomb of Khusrau’s mare (front) and his tomb (background). View towards northeast.

IMG_6471 - Version 2

Figure 3: Another view towards the northeast. The exterior exhibits a two-storey building unlike the interior.

IMG_6146 - Version 2

Figure 4: View towards west with the fountain between Nithar Begum’s tomb and Khusrau’s tomb (foreground).

IMG_5699 - Version 2

Figure 5: The single-storey interior with the crypt (made of marble) in the centre. The beautifully decorated interior that includes frescoes and inscriptions is clearly visible in the background.

IMG_5703 - Version 2

Figure 6: The ceilings are painted in bright yellow with flashes of blue, green, and red. The jali window above the doorway is repeated on each of the three other sides. The band of inscriptions interspersed by the name of God (Allah) can also be seen.

IMG_5697 - Version 2

Figure 7: The dome is painted is a starburst pattern with a place central lantern, which is not extant.

IMG_5712 - Version 2

Figure 8: Below the name of God (Allah) and between the inscriptions there is a series of niches that break the decorative scheme into distinct sections. The niches are decorated with vases and cypress trees (a common motif of mourning in Islamic culture) surrounded by roundels that alternate between Allah and the Shahada.

IMG_5760 - Version 2

Figure 9: On the lower level jali work windows and ventilators surround the four doors and are diagonally aligned to the jali window on top.

IMG_5858 - Version 2

Figure 10: Detail of columns on the exterior.

IMG_5883 - Version 2

Figure 11: Detail of fading frescoes on one of the exterior niches.

IMG_5940 - Version 2

Figure 12: Detail of the decorative pattern on the plinth.

IMG_5924 - Version 2

Figure 13: Detail of chattri. The s-brackets supporting the chajjas of the cupola are repeated in the decorative scheme of all the tombs.

IMG_5923 - Version 2

Figure 14: Detail of main entrance. The jali windows (seen above from the interior) are set apart by an alcoved doorway.


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